Meet the Characters: Jagged Scars Series


Small, deadly and damaged. Wendy arrives in Shelter with a severe case of PTSD and the ability

to kill ten men before they know what hit them.

Give Wendy a knife and she’ll take on any threat. She is the lone survivor of a Skinny raid—her

entire family wiped out before her eyes. The leaders of Shelter find her near death and save her.

Between a scarred mind and a natural disposition to paranoia, it takes Wendy a while to warm up

to the group. Once she does she becomes fiercely loyal, and is more than willing to turn her

knives on the enemies of her new family.


Tall, handsome and compassionate. Jeff is on track to be Shelter’s next leader, but he finds a

certain girl to be very distracting.

Like Wendy, Jeff has experienced great loss as well as unforgivable betrayal. He understands

Wendy’s pain and tries to help her through it. Everyone likes Jeff, but he doesn’t let many people

get close—he’s been there and been burned by it. His wish is to give everyone the chance to be

truly happy; his curse is knowing that that’s impossible.


Cute, blonde and sassy. It doesn’t matter that she’s only sixteen, Arie has wanted a piece of the

Council since she and her dad got to Shelter, and she’s willing stand up against anyone to get it.

Besides being cute, Arie is sharp as a tack. She takes the fighters course so she can utilize what

she learns when she makes a play for a spot on the Council. She’s a good leader and befriends

Wendy as soon as Wendy enters training. The two of them quickly become a force to be

reckoned with.


Medium height, ginger and the caretaker. Matt traded in his #2 rank in the fighters for a medical

position, and dreams of finding a cure to the Starvation.

Matt is one of the nice guys. He can kill almost as well as Wendy, but after getting through

fighting training, he had a change of heart and decided he’d rather save people than kill them.

Matt took Jeff under his wing when he arrived at Shelter, and helped Jeff regain his sanity.

Selfless, Matt is the guy you want to have your back. Plus, he can stitch you back up both

emotionally and physically when the fight is over.


Tall, Asian and hilarious. Cal’s family took Kev in after his who family died. He wants to start

trade between the remaining settlements of humanity.

I hate to play favorites (please don’t tell the others, especially Cal) but Kev has got to be the guy

I’d want to hang out with. He’s funny, doesn’t take anything too seriously and when it’s time to

get a job done, he does it while tossing jokes along the path like rose petals. He’s smart, but

pretends otherwise. The way to his heart is through his stomach, and the way he gets to other

people’s hearts is by giving them gifts. He’s tight with the scavengers and often asks them to

bring back paints for Arie or weapons for the others. He gave Wendy the nickname of Shrimp.


Tall, ginger and shy. Cal is in love with movies, which are in short supply in this world. His

interest in computers blossoms into a talent that saves lives more than once.

Not that he’s a nerd, but Cal is drawn to technology like the proverbial moth to the flame. Both

Wendy and Jeff are still alive because of his computer skills. Cal is afraid of the dark and of

losing his friends, and does what he believes is right to help everyone. If he lived today he would

be an independent film maker who would surely dominate YouTube. He loves all film, but is

drawn to horror and comedy.

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